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While having these bibs with located URIs display in an unscoped view of
the catalog is appropriate for the reasons you suggested, they should not
appear in a search limited to a specific library. In a recent example
provided by one of our libraries a search for Spanish Civil War, limited to
their library, produced 46 results, only 6 of which belonged to them. When
trying to help a patron find something locally or make a collection
assessment all the irrelevant bibs get in the way and tend to make them
cranky. My feeling is that URI located bibs should be treated like bibs
with copies in that they appear in scopes limited to the owning library or
in the unscoped view.


On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 6:17 PM, Dan Scott <email address hidden> wrote:

> As I understand it, this is not restricted to bibs with located URIs and
> no copies. In the staff client, _any_ active, non-deleted bib record
> that matches the search terms will be displayed. Those that don't have
> copies in the search scope get greyed out.
> This behaviour is by design. The use case is that you might want to add
> a copy or a located URI to one of those bibs, and how else would you
> find the bibs if you couldn't search for bibs that had no copies or
> located URIs or transcendence in any scope?
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> Title:
> located URIs appear in staff client OPAC searches regardless of $9's
> Status in Evergreen - Open ILS:
> New
> Bug description:
> EG 2.0.10
> Postgres 8.4
> Ubuntu Lucid
> The located URIs seem to appear (as greyed out records) regardless of
> scoping within the staff client OPAC (but not the public OPAC).
> I can't really think of a use case for this -- if I'm searching with
> my OPAC set to BR1 and "This Branch", I don't want to see 856s with a
> $9 BR2 under that circumstance -- I'd scope out if I wanted to see
> them.
> ~James
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