Comment 26 for bug 925776

Liam Whalen (whalen-ld) wrote :

Sorry about the lack of communication on the branch I was using.

I have made these changes on Sitka's production database.

My next step is to get some input about the effects on speed that adding a check for a library setting might make on searches. I will ask on #evergreen about that.

If there is not too much concern about the speed effects, then I will make the changes to allow libraries to specify which OUs should perform top-down ebook searches.

After that, I think the code will be complete minus any errors people find that need to be corrected. So, I will make the update script as well and then proceed on the pgTAP files.

After the pgTAP files are done, I will make a 2.3 and master version of everything.

Time line is unknown right now.