Comment 21 for bug 520632

Michael Peters (mrpeters) wrote :

Remington -- for future reference, a push to the Git server is preferable to Github, as it makes it easier for folks to test, signoff, and commit your submission.

Some great information on getting started with that is available at

As for commit messages, at a minimum, the commit message should consist of a subject line (i.e., the first line of the commit message), then a blank line, then an optional description of the patch, followed by one or more signoffs. The subject line should be brief, ideally no more than 60-70 characters, and should include a bug number from LaunchPad if relevant. Here is an example of a minimum commit message:

LP#24544: fix the quuxifier
Signed-off-by: Jane Hacker <email address hidden>

If you need any help getting started with submitting code this way in the future, please feel free to reach out to me (or any of the other devs) via email, or the Evergreen IRC chat. (#evergreen on

Thank you, again, for your quick work in solving this bug!