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John Amundson (jamundson) wrote :

Evergreen 3.2.5
Also observed in 3.0.13

When using the "Use Specific Due Date Until Logout" setting available during Checkout, the setting will only stay checked while in the same browser tab. As soon as staff try to check out an item in a new tab, the setting is lost. I would expect the setting to work between tabs as staff close and move between tabs on a regular basis and may not realize the setting has become unchecked.

To test:
[steps 1 through 3 are to get a baseline for expected behavior]
1. Retrieve and patron's account and check "Use Specific Due Date Until Logout" on the Checkout screen.
2. Click "Done" to finish the checkout.
3. Retrieve another patron while in the same tab and confirm that the setting stays checked.
4. Open open Checkout or Patron Search in a new tab and retrieve a patron.
5. Confirm that the setting is not checked.