Comment 3 for bug 1792188

Michele Morgan (mmorgan) wrote :

Here's the commit for bug 1672421:;a=commit;h=00faa720a8dd94c781c50d508189d719f7f7f0d0

The single line change in Open-ILS/web/js/ui/default/staff/cat/catalog/app.js was removed in this commit:;a=commit;h=14af809466039334348ba38b8417fb462d57f55b

Not sure if it was accounted for elsewhere in the new code.

I observed the holds not refreshing on three systems, a MassLNC sandbox set up for squashing at, an inhouse test system that has been upgraded to 3.2beta1, and also a "master-ish" system Ben Shum kindly allowed me to test on.