Comment 7 for bug 1777675

I also dislike increasing churn on the copy table and like the idea of
breaking the inventory data into a separate table, for the same reasons
that Mike mentions. If doing this immediate inventory support is in part
to get us a few step forwards and create something to build on top of then
it makes sense to go ahead and think about something extensible. I have a
slight preference for a new inventory schema. Ideal inventory
functionality for things like recording inventory events, batches, etc...
would benefit from more tables and grouping them in a schema makes sense to

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 4:15 PM, Mike Rylander <email address hidden> wrote:

> Hi Kathy and Jeff,
> I would like to second storing the data in a separate table. The
> functionality could remain the same (even to the point of actively
> purging previous scan data, perhaps controlled by YAOUS), and
> copy+scan_time would be a strict subset of a future, full inventory
> function. It would also reduce churn on the copy table, which is
> already subject to churn and bloat, and make a possible future
> implementation simpler -- no need to forcibly copy data to the
> asset.copy table, or change code and schema during an upgrade.
> As an implementation detail, putting the new table in either the action
> schema, or a new inventory schema, would make sense (but would not be
> strictly necessary -- we can move a table).
> My $0.02...
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> Title:
> Support for inventory date
> Status in Evergreen:
> New
> Bug description:
> Evergreen should have support for inventory date and workstation
> fields in the asset.copy table. Dedicated inventory fields would
> facilitate the process of performing inventory on a library's
> collection and can also be leveraged for potential future development
> of a full inventory module.
> We propose adding the current date and workstation to these fields in
> the following places:
> - From the check in screen using a check in modifier.
> - From the item status screen
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