Comment 25 for bug 1777675

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Glad to see this moving along.

Not sure if it is directly related to the above, but there is a prevalent design issue with the current branch in that we are doing separate fetches where it seems like we should just be fleshing the fields in normally. For example, see 'cat/services/holdings.js'. Now that we have the IDL link in place, I see no obvious reason to not just flesh in this field with the rest of the linked data. This would also entail not renaming the fields, but just using the "natural" names as defined in the IDL.

Another example would be the bucket interface. Rather than manually fetch the inventory information, we might instead just follow the example of the other fields, letting the grid do the work.

I may be missing reasons why this field needs special treatment, but these are just things which stuck out at me while reading through the code for review purposes. I think these areas deserve a second look before this goes in.