Comment 6 for bug 1773417

Mike Rylander (mrylander) wrote :

Dan, thanks for putting some work into these fixes. I greatly appreciate it, and I'm sure catalogers around the world will as well.

The "quirky" part is meant to be that way. Because the display of volume and copy details are both structurally and visually hierarchical, there's no good way to show copy detail without volume detail. I also don't think it would be a good idea to try, because without the call number a barcode doesn't mean much, and it doesn't save space in the UI to allow that. So, the copy detail checkbox just tries its best to maintains the desired "show copy details" state for when copy details can, in fact, be displayed.

An improvement would be to make those checkboxes interdependent and have the copy detail checkbox disabled when the volume detail checkbox is not checked. That's something I've had in mind for when I get back to the cataloging bugs generally, which hopefully will be in the next couple weeks, but it's nontrivial in the current code because the checkboxes are embedded in the grid logic. It can be done, though, I think. I'd probably give the menu item a new eg-disable attribute that accepts a function (a la handler) and have the result of that Do The Right Thing via ng-disabled inside the grid template. If that's something you'd like to look at, please don't feel the need to wait for me to give it a go.

Thanks again!