Comment 5 for bug 1773417

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Regarding the inability to add an empty volume, I am a bit stumped. Obviously it works here, and we've tested it very extensively. It is always possible that something in our environment didn't make it correctly into the branch.

I can note a few things which might be helpful to testers (and which all applies to the original branch and the fixes posted here). First, the ability to add an empty volume is not a capability of every instance of the volume/copy editor, but only one launched from "Add...Volumes" (in the action menu). You'll know you are in the right place when the "Save & Exit" button appears to the right of the call number fields. If you attempt to use "Add...Volumes and Copies", you get the combined editor, and it will not be savable without a copy. In an unfortunate interface quirk, the record level "Add Volumes" also launches the combined volume/copy editor, so it too requires a copy. This button's label and behavior is unchanged from master, but with the new abilities here, I agree some added clarity would be helpful. In my opinion, changing the label here is our best option. I'll push commit for that shortly.

Jason (or any other testers), can you confirm that "Add...Volumes" in the action menu doesn't function in the branch as posted? Thanks again!