Comment 24 for bug 1773417

Anna Goben (agoben) wrote :

I added a new bug that's related to this group (#1775036). Kathy L. suggested that I include my comments here as well in case it can be included in this fix:

I think as a result of the fix for this bug #1737812/(#1773417), we've lost a valuable and useful bit of functionality. I regularly perform batch holding moves when there's been an issue with a bad merge. One of the best parts of the new transfer options was the ability to pick a record and transfer several libraries' holdings at once. Now I'm back to having to do it a library branch at a time, which is a HUGE time waster for me if I have 30-40 things to move. I know it's rare use for local single site libraries, but it's a tremendous help for centralized cataloging work either on a consortium or multi-branch system level. Can we please have that option back!?!?

Evergreen version 3.1