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Thanks, Kathy. I just checked in our 3.0 web client and it's there. It's a
little disconcerting because if there's more than one value for an item
field it shows as blank or <none> or <multiple>. If there's more than one
status or location it's blank because <none> is not a choice there. If
there's more than one circ modifier it's <none> as that's a choice there.
The stat cats show as <multiple> even though that's not a choice and <none>
is. However I think ,multiple> makes more sense for all of the fields. At
least that way a user would see there is more than one value, blank or
none makes it look like there are no values at all. Could that be a
Lauchpad bug?


On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 7:31 PM, Kathy Lussier <email address hidden> wrote:

> Janet,
> The fix for that batch editing issue was merged into the release 3.0
> branch last week. However, I don't know if it's on the system Jason's been
> using for testing. bug 1738893
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> Webstaff Cataloging Cleanup Omnibus, May 2018
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> New
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> Bug description:
> Since the fixes have become interdependent, and exist in a single
> branch, let's bring the bugs under one roof to try and get them in.
> The bugs covered here include:
> Bug #1715697 - Web Client: Show empty volumes Holdings view
> Bug #1732201 - Web Client: Missing functionality to create empty volume
> Bug #1737812 - Web Client: fool proof transferring vol/copy process
> Bug #1738242 - Web Client: holdings view checkboxes issues
> I am going to mark all of those as duplicates of this bug to unify the
> discussion here, as I could see no simple and convincing way to
> separate them.
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