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Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

I noticed that there isn't an option to delete issuances in the web client, as there was in the xul client, so I wanted to add a couple of other thoughts on this.

In the xul client, when the last item attached to an issuance was deleted, the issuance was also deleted. I don't know if the same behavior was seen in the web client when this action was working, but, if not, it's even more critical now to make sure it does so since there is now no other way for staff to delete an issuance.

Also, the benefit of being able to delete an issuance in the old client is that it also updated the summary statement in the catalog record. If you deleted an item, which then automatically deleted an issuance, the summary statement was NOT updated. See bug 1414197.

Now that there is no other way to delete the issuance, it becomes more important that bug 1414197 be fixed since there isn't a workaround to getting that statement updated.