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Bug #1688353 reported by Kathy Lussier on 2017-05-04
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While working on documentation recently, I noticed there was a page that describes all of the different tpac files that should be updated with your local policies/text -

Rather than forcing new users to update all of these individual files, I would like to propose that we bundle several of these into one file whose main purpose is to hold local text that we expect libraries to customize before using their catalogs. For example, the file might contain the text that is in main_refund_policy.tt2, prefs_hints.tt2, password_hint.tt2. I think the fonts.tt2 and colors.tt2 should continue to stand on their own, but most of the others could be handled through one file.

It would require existing Evergreen sites to do a bit of work moving the text when they upgraded, but I think it would be easier for new Evergreen sites to get their catalogs up and running.

Galen Charlton (gmc) wrote :

Having strings that represent library policy statements bundled into a single resource file strikes me as something that would have been a reasonable design choice when TPAC was getting started, but the current approach is also a valid choice. Having the policy text split out keeps each part next to the context where the user is meant to read it, allowing for structural and design changes to be coordinated with changes to the text. For example, a library might elect to link out to a policy rather than quote it.

We're not starting with a blank slate, however; is there an argument to be made reducing the number of files to be edited by three (or so) is worth imposing a mandatory upgrade action?

Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

The main benefit I see in favor of reducing the number of files is to decrease the likelihood that a new site might miss updating text that should be reviewed. It's obvious (hopefully) to a new site that they need update a logo and links. However, they may miss the smaller text informing users to log in with the last digits of a phone number or the password message telling users what the format of their password should be (something that should be added to the existing docs).

If these pieces of text are bundled together, it gives new users a distinct place where they can review the text and determine if edits need to be made, much in the same way that our Evergreen sites reviewed the list of OU settings and global flags before going live on Evergreen.

I agree it would have been a good thing to consider when TPAC was starting and that upgrading will be a pain. But the greater ease in getting a new site up and running tipped the scales in favor of changing from my viewpoint.

Remington Steed (rjs7) wrote :

Note that bug #1732552 (pull request, but not yet committed) adds another of these little template files.

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