Comment 2 for bug 1479110

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Okay, still wrapping my brain around all this. Here is the original spec by Jason:

"In the case where multiple settings from the above are activated, the more specific setting will take precedence. For example, if a library has set both the default and a setting for lost materials and a bill for lost materials is being handled, then the setting for lost materials will be used. Similarly, the settings that prohibit negative balances will take precedence over the interval settings for negative balances, so if both are set, then no negative balance is allowed."

The last sentence is the kicker, and probably where we've been inconsistent through the code changes. This document considers a "true" setting overriding the interval, but what about false? In other words, does the interval setting *only* matter when the other is unset?

I'm going to try to boil this down "graphically".