some columns are not sortable in the web staff client

Bug #1437104 reported by Sally Fortin on 2015-03-27
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Many columns are not sortable in the web client. The patron search screen has some sortable columns, but there are other, unsortable ones that people may want to sort by (e.g. patron id, home library). The item status, checkin, and holds screens have no sorting. One area of particular interest is sorting columns in the holds pull list.

Sally Fortin (sfortin) on 2015-03-27
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Stephen (smoss-e) on 2015-09-09
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Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

Regarding the holds pull list, a while back I started a branch to have the browser client start using the IDL-based holds pull list. With this, the holds pull list will be (server-side) sortable. I don't have set plans to dust this off at the moment, but want to list it as a possible solution.;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/berick/browser-staff-pull-list-from-idl

Other interfaces, which are not PCRUD based, like patron search, are a little more complicated. They API that delivers the data to the grid may or may not offer sorting. In the case of patron search, it offers partial sorting (which is why some columns don't let you sort). Each such grid and its backing API will have to be addressed individually to provide server-side sorting on every column. Doing this globally is a big task, so it's probably best to start on the interfaces that need it the most.

We just have to avoid situations where clicking a column forces the grid to retrieve every row so it can be sorted locally, which the XUL client has to do in some interfaces. This is how we get pages that freeze.

Kathy Lussier (klussier) on 2015-11-19
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Bill Erickson (berick) on 2016-11-14
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Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

Adding details on the holds pull list, the default sort order for this list should be by copy location first (using the copy location sort order that can be customized through the Copy Location Order admin interface) then by Call Number.

Proper sort order is essential for staff to be able to use the pull list.

Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

I have spun off a new bug dedicated specifically to holds pull list sorting: bug #1653001

Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

And to answer Kathy's last comment, the pull list WIP branch is sorting by location sort order followed by call number.

Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

Adding a note that when sorting is added to interfaces, call numbers should be sorted by sortkey.

Kathy Lussier (klussier) on 2017-05-09
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Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

For reference, I'm adding a list of interfaces where sorting was previously available in XUL, but is no longer available in the web client:

    Patron Checkout
    Patron Items Out (regular)
    Patron Items Out (Special)
    Patron Items Out (Non-cataloged)
    Patron Holds (Open)
    Patron Holds (Recently Canceled)
    Item Status
    Check In
    Capture Holds
    Renew Items
    Pending patrons
    Record In House Use
    Holds Shelf
    Z39.50 results
    Patrons with Negative Balances
    Record View Holds
    Manage Conjoined Items

Below is a list of interfaces that allow for sorting, but not for all available fields.

Transit List - Sorting only available for Barcode, Copy Location, Call Number Label, Title, Source library, Destination Library, Send Date/Time

Patron Group Member Details - Sorting available for most fields except Balance Owed, Items Out, and Items Overdue. Is this because those fields will not numerically without additional work?

Andrea Neiman (aneiman) wrote :

Client side grid sort by Mike Rylander in bug 1697954 will address several of these.

Terran McCanna (tmccanna) wrote :


The fix for bug 1697954 says that it includes fixes for:

 * patron items out
 * patron holds (both grids)
 * checkin
 * checkout
 * renew
 * item status
 * pending patrons

That still leaves:

    Capture Holds
    Record In House Use
    Holds Shelf
    Z39.50 results
    Patrons with Negative Balances
    Record View Holds
    Manage Conjoined Items

Of these, the one I'm most concerned about is Holds Shelf.

Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

I would add Record View Holds as another one that I'm concerned about.

In a nutshell, holds need to be sortable.

Terran McCanna (tmccanna) wrote :

Adding another note that on the Patron Search Results screen, the Primary Identification Column should be sortable.

Terran McCanna (tmccanna) wrote :

Adding note: Holds Shelf

Default sorting by copy location > call number is best, but the ability to sort by capture date is also necessary for our staff.

Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

Copy location > call number is important for the pull list, but I don't think it's critical for the holds shelf.

I could see two default sort options:
- Capture date, as Terran recommended, or maybe hold shelf expire date. The oldest holds would be at the top.
- User last name. Since the "Show Clearable Holds" option will show just those holds that are ready to be cleared, sorting by patron last name would allow staff to find the holds in the order that they are most likely shelved.

Neither hold shelf expire date or user last name are default display fields in this interface, but I guess that goes back to bug 1645861. I would think each of those fields should be part of the default display.

Terran McCanna (tmccanna) wrote :

You're right, I had a brain lapse and forgot that the holds shelf would be sorted by patron last name usually.

However, show clearable holds can't always be relied upon for our libraries because different libraries keep their books on their shelves for different amounts of time, so many of them sort the list by date to find the ones they want to clear.

Cesar V (cesardv) on 2017-10-25
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Cesar V (cesardv) wrote :

Noting for clarity that clientsorting for the Holds Shelf and Record Holds grid was specifically addressed in bug 1712854.

Cesar V (cesardv) on 2018-01-26
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Scott Thomas (scott-thomas-9) wrote :

Ultimately, if a column was sortable in XUL, it should be sortable in Webby.

Scott Thomas (scott-thomas-9) wrote :

Copy and Record Buckets need to be added to the list.

Michele Morgan (mmorgan) on 2018-05-08
tags: added: webstaffcolumns
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