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Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

We've tested the all of the fixes identified in Mike's January 15 comment at All testing was done in both Firefox 35 and Chrome 40. Everything works as expected with the exception of the areas mentioned below:

* New tab to the patron items out page for Non-Cataloged Circulations and counts in patron summary - Just confirming what was already noted about requiring a full refresh of the interface to update.

* Pickup Library dropdown on Holds for Record pane working now - This works, but when you click to select the pickup library, the menu remains open. The user needs to click outside the menu to close it again.

* Better focusing for the patron record - The keyboard focus here is much improved, but we still came across one issue. If you expand the patron search form and move the cursor to one of the expanded search boxes (e.g. email), if you click to collapse the expanded view, you now lose the focus. Preferred behavior would be for the focus to return to the first box if it isn't already in one of the visible boxes. I don't know how doable this is because we don't want to shift the focus to that first box if it's already in a visible box.

* Column picker options - Based on various commit messages, I was expecting to see usr, requestor, patron barcode and patron alias on the holds pull list and to see check in and checkout workstations on circ interfaces (I tried check in and check out). However, I didn't see them.

* The status bar at the bottom of the screen floats above (and obscures) a variety of UI elements. - As we already discussed in IRC, our preference is to entirely remove the status bar.

* The user on an existing circ is /not/ delivered unless the patron attempting to check out the item is, in fact, that same user. So, we must fetch it directly if we don't receive it from the API call - WIth the bug fix, if I try to check out an item that is already checked out to another patron, I am now given the option to do so whereas the circ just died prior to the fix. So that looks good. However, I should make note of the fact that I no longer have an option to do a forgiving fines checkin and checkout from the popup window. Similarly, if the existing circ is for the same patron I'm attempting to check out the item to, the popup doesn't give me the option to renew the item.

* The penalty type dropdown is now labeled, and custom penalties are taken /instead of/ stock, when selected. - I added a custom penalty to webby. It displays in the dropdown, but I can't select it. Also, adding any kind of penalty from this interface doesn't seem to work.

* There was no "uncancel recently canceled hold" action, but now there is. - Indeed there is. However, in the current client, the recently-canceled holds interface only displays uncancel (not cancel), and the patron holds interface only displays cancel (not uncancel). In the web client, both options display in both interfaces, . Is it possible to do the same way as it's currently done in the xul client? I'm thinking it would minimize the accidental selection of the wrong cancel option.

* Add missing alert for invalid addresses on patron "stopsign" screen - It displays on the alert screen now. However, I'm also noting that, if this is the only alert for the patron, front-line staff will likely miss the invalid address alert because it doesn't trigger the alert screen to appear. This matches behavior in the existing client (probably because the alert screen is a little intrusive for an alert of this scale?), but the existing client also has the patron indicator (and maybe even a different border color?) to inform staff that the patron has an invalid address. There isn't an equivalent in webby.

Thanks Mike and Bill for all of the work on this. It's making good progress!