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Josh Stompro (u-launchpad-stompro-org) wrote :

Copying the comments on Github to here to keep them in one spot.

remocrevo commented on Oct 3rd 2014
Thanks for your work on the docs, Josh. I appreciate the intention here. Since this commit is just "cleanup", I want to make sure we don't throw out any babies with the bath water. Robert Soulliere alerted me that some of these images may be automatically used in processing the docs, even though they aren't referenced in any AsciiDoc files. So we would need to confirm with Robert which are which before merging these commits. Some may be fairly obvious based on the filename, so I'm not opposed to moving those first and checking on the rest later. But that would require changing the commit and submitting it again. Let us know what you'd like to do.

 stompro commented on Oct 3rd 2014
Could you check with Robert to see what he would prefer? If he could tell me which images to leave alone I would exclude those and resubmit. But if that would take too much time, I'm open to a solution that would allow me to do more of the work. If the full docs build was documented somewhere I would be happy to run it and look for the images that get pulled in... or if he could give me a tar of the built documentation I could search through it for images... although that wouldn't help for the epub and pdf versions. Or I could take this in chunks and just remove images that are obvious, like you suggested and break this up into chunks.

I wonder if commit bae5856 is fine though.. that just renamed images that were listed in the docs that had uppercase extensions, and fixes the links. That shouldn't effect the build images.