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Terran McCanna (tmccanna) wrote :

In order to get to the print dialog box to print multiples of the same labels sequentially, you'd need to *not* be using Hatch though, correct? Because if Hatch is implemented, it will bypass the print dialog box.

There could, however, be a setting box on the Print Item Labels > Settings Tab that controlled the number of copies printed and that would get stored with the label template. (that would be easier and more flexible than having it in the Library Settings Editor).

(For now, with a long list of items loaded all at once, you could just click Print twice, it just wouldn't put them sequentially so you'd have to match them up.)

I was thinking you could go to the Label Template tab, copy the entire <table></table> section and paste it at the end, and it would then print every label twice - it looks correct in the label preview, but when you go to print it, it only prints once.