Comment 6 for bug 1130389

Michele Morgan (mmorgan) wrote :

Just realized this is happening on our 3.1 production system (xul client). A library staff member noticed erroneous stat cats with blank values listed in the patron summary.

This appears to be an issue in the xul client only. When creating or editing a patron record in an org unit that has Patron Statistical Categories set with allow_freetext FALSE and required FALSE, rows are created in actor.stat_cat_entry_usr_map with blank stat_cat fields.

Testing in a 3.2 web client, no rows with blank stat_cat fields are created in actor.stat_cat_entry_usr_map when a patron is created or edited, so this does not seem to be an issue in the web client. Adding a fixedinwebby tag and if others can confirm, this should be set as Won't Fix.

Also adding a reference to this in bug 1789263 and removing tag "cataloging" and adding "patron" since this is an issue with patron rather than item stat cats.