Comment 7 for bug 1075401

I created two serial copy templates and then changed the "Age Hold protect" and "Circ as type" to invalid values.

update asset.copy_template set circ_as_type='zzz', age_protect=1000 where id=1;
update asset.copy_template set circ_as_type='blee', age_protect=1001 where id=2;

After those changes, I can see that the grid in the serial copy template editor no longer loads.

Then I ran the upgrade script and it seemed to work, with a strange requirement that I click the back link in the grid to get them to show up. I also noticed that the floating group field is displaying the id number and not the name in the editing view. And in the grid view the Owning Lib, Loan Duration, Fine Level, and Floating Group are shown as the ID numbers and not as the linked values.

I see how to fix the Owning Lib from looking at another admin interface that does it.

The upgrade script doesn't let you know which templates were updated. Adding some returning output should solve that. I'll create a new branch to share with a few changes.