Comment 6 for bug 1036318

Michele Morgan (mmorgan) wrote :

Just to add our experience, hoping the more info is out there, the better.

We have had several libraries reporting this on our 2.2.8 system. The unpredictable timeouts impact service to patrons since the staff member needs to take the time to re-login to the client.

We've also been unable to pin down the exact cause of this behavior, libraries usually notice that the opac within the client has timed out because they no longer see item barcode links within the client, and they are not able to place holds for patrons, instead being presented with the patron login screen. This does not happen at predictable intervals.

I did some testing with timeouts on our training server running 2.3.6. I set the OPAC inactivity timeout to 10 seconds. I did not see the 10 second timeout affect the opac in the staff client at all. It really doesn't seem like this loss of opac authentication in the staff client is due to any of the timeout settings. Maybe some sequence of actions on the workstation causes the authentication to be dropped. I have seen it happen on my own workstation at central site on occasion, but have not been able to link it to a cause. I did capture a screencast of tabs I had open on one occasion:

We've asked staff members at our libraries to provide more info on workstation activity.