Comment 11 for bug 1036318

Simon Mai (simonmai) wrote :

Our libs have been getting this issue also. I "played" around and have been able to reproduce the reported behavior as below steps:
1. Go to Local Setting Editor, define the Security: Staff Inactivity Timeout : 18
2. Close the client and log off
3. Login client again
4. Patron Search/Search a patron/Holds/Place Hold/Search a book (Don't click place hold)
5. Wait ... (count down 18, 17, 16 ..... 1)
6. The result screen will be returned to the homepage
7. Search the book again, and click Place Hold. At this time, the patron login screen will be showed up !!!

My opinion: this issue relates to Staff client session. It happens when we place a hold in the staff client getting timeout (expired session). For some reason, the patron login screen is showed up, instead of the staff client 's prompt screen that prompts staff to enter their credentials.

A quick solution for now: I will setup the "Security: Staff Inactivity Timeout" as 99999999.... to make sure the client unable to get timeout. Let's see if this issue happen again or not.
PS: I'm using 2.3.6 client for testing out.