Comment 5 for bug 132174

no, i get it when the screen saver triggers aswell.

On 8/14/07, Garry Parker <email address hidden> wrote:
> Thanks,
> Just a thought here...
> There's a known bug where in System->Screensaver->Preferences, the demos
> do not show the correct size, so you only see part of the image. This
> results in a pure white screen for the Eternity plugin, but only in the
> demo screen. If you let the screensaver actually trigger for real, then
> it works fine. Just to be sure, does this problem only affect then demo
> or do you still get a white screen when the screensaver triggers for
> real?
> Note that the screensaver should work with or without compiz/beryl, but
> they can affect things and I was just trying to work out what was
> different about your system.
> --
> when screensaver triggers the screen goes pure white
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