calcPerform bit manipulation fails if bit 31 is set

Bug #1514520 reported by Dirk Zimoch
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Andrew Johnson

Bug Description

Bit manipulations in a calc or calcout record do not handle bit 31 correctly.

On my 64 bit Linux PC with EPICS 3.14.12, they calculate:

0xaaaaaaaa AND 0xffff0000 = 0x80000000 (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa OR 0xffff0000 = 0xffffaaaa (OK)
0xaaaaaaaa XOR 0xffff0000 = 0x80000000 (wrong)
~0xaaaaaaaa = 0x55555555 (OK)
~~0xaaaaaaaa = 0xaaaaaaaa (OK)
0xaaaaaaaa >> 8 = 0xff800000 (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa << 8 = 0x80000000 (wrong)

On my 32 bit Linux PC as well as on Windows 32 or 64 bit
and with EPICS 3.15.2 also on 64 bit Linux I get:

0xaaaaaaaa AND 0xffff0000 = 0x80000000 (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa OR 0xffff0000 = 0x80000000 (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa XOR 0xffff0000 = 0x80000000 (wrong)
~0xaaaaaaaa = 0x7fffffff (wrong)
~~0xaaaaaaaa = 0x80000000 (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa >> 8 = 0xff800000 (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa << 8 = 0x00000000 (wrong)

And on my MV5100 (PPC 32 bit) vxWorks with EPICS 3.14.12 I get:

0xaaaaaaaa AND 0xffff0000 = 0x7fffffff (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa OR 0xffff0000 = 0x7fffffff (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa XOR 0xffff0000 = 0x00000000 (wrong)
~0xaaaaaaaa = 0x80000000 (wrong)
~~0xaaaaaaaa = 0x7fffffff (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa >> 8 = 0x007fffff (wrong)
0xaaaaaaaa << 8 = 0xffffff00 (wrong)

(Of course when printing the values on 64 bit systems, the values will be sign extended.)

So all are wrong and even differently wrong. (Maybe someone may add results for different architectures?)

Here is my test setup:

record (calcout, "DZ:CALC")
    field(INPA, "0xaaaaaaaa")
    field(INPB, "0xffff0000")
    field(CALC, "A AND B")
    field(PINI, "YES")
    field(OUT, "DZ:LO PP")
    field(FLNK, "DZ:MBBI")

record (longout, "DZ:LO")

record (mbbiDirect, "DZ:MBBI")
    field (DTYP, "Raw Soft Channel")
    field (INP, "DZ:CALC")
    field (SHFT, "16")

The reason for the wrong behavior is that conversions from floating point to integer are "undefined" if the value does not fit.

For the calc record 0xaaaaaaaa is a positive double value (2863311530.0). But during the bit calculation, it is converted to a signed integer, long in 3.14, epicsInt32 in 3.15. Since the value is too large, a correct conversion is impossible and compiler and CPU may do anything, for example set the value to 0x80000000 or 0x7fffffff.

A6.3 Integer and Floating
    When a value of floating type is converted to integral type, the fractional part is discarded; if the resulting value cannot be represented in the integral type, the behavior is undefined. In particular, the result of converting negative floating values to unsigned integral types is not specified.

BTW: "the behavior is undefined" may also legally mean: "abort the program" or "freeze the CPU".

So we have two problems here with bit patterns using bit 31. Either they are represented as a large positive floating point number which cannot be converted to a signed 32 bit integer or they are represented as a negative floating point number which cannot be converted to an unsigned integer. Luckily it turns out that the second case seems not to be a problem on any architecture I tried, even though it "not specified" according to K&R.

The fix is:
* Before the conversion, cast double value to unsigned integer
* After the conversion, cast to signed integer and then write to double
* For right shift cast double to unsigned first, then to signed, then shift and last write back the result to double. (This produces sign extended right shift.)

I have attached a patch file (for R3.15.2).

After the fix I get what I expect:
0xaaaaaaaa AND 0xffff0000 = 0xaaaa0000
0xaaaaaaaa OR 0xffff0000 = 0xffffaaaa
0xaaaaaaaa XOR 0xffff0000 = 0x5555aaaa
~0xaaaaaaaa = 0x55555555
~~0xaaaaaaaa = 0xaaaaaaaa
0xaaaaaaaa >> 8 = 0xffaaaaaa
0xaaaaaaaa << 8 = 0xaaaaaa00

Tested on vxWorks PPC 32 bit, Linux PC 64 and 32 bit, Linux ARM6 LE 32 bit (all gcc), and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).

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