Comment 17 for bug 257190

Nicolas DERIVE (kalon33) wrote :

Koen Verwiej : Sure, I just tested it and this is a bug to my mind. Could you report a bug against empathy for this ? Give then its number to me and I will confirm it and transmit it to upstream bugtracker (for example by mailing me, click on my name to see my mail address on my profile page). After few tests, I got a reply for you : You're not using telepathy-haze, but telepathy-butterfly. Creating an account, it was the connection manager used on my system (I saw it in the list of running processes, but no telepathy-haze) so I suppose telepathy-haze is not listed anymore for msn accounts in empathy, and is replaced by telepathy-butterfly when haze was used (it does that with an old account which was set up with haze).

For the original bug, it may be empathy related, and seems fixed in the upcoming 2.28.0 release I just tested (using an msn account with telepathy-butterfly and a jabber account with telepathy-gabble).

Hope that it helps.