Comment 85 for bug 1596377

ovdeathiam (ovdeathiam) wrote :

Suddenly I started to encounter this bug too.

It affected more than 2/3 of all my cold boots on my Lenovo x201. I noticed that it started after I installed remmina and redshift-gtk. Both add a file to ~/.config/autostart/ on first run. Even if we tick the autostart option off in their GUI the files are still there. Just their content is changed to be skipped.

After playing with it a bit I noticed that whenever I have 3 or more files in ~/.config/autostart I am very likely to encouter an error (>66% chance). The contents of the files don't seem to be important as I've tested with multiple files copying them in and out of the folder and rebooting.

I was able to replicate it on a new installation by simply adding three pantheon-terminal's into autostart apps via system options.

If anyone encouters the bug please do a:
ls ~/.config/autostart/
and for testing purposes please move these files somewhere else or simply remove them.