Comment 38 for bug 1596377

Max (maxkerp) wrote :

Hi there. I'm running into the same problem but I might be able to deliver some new information.

So I'm running a Thinkpad T460 with integrated Intel graphics. I use this Notebook for work and free time with multiple users for work, college, and free time. The issue that the only two things showing after login are the wallpaper and the cursor only occurs with one user! Unfortunately it's the work user and I couldn't log in for the last 15 times (This is how I ended up here).

I can log on easily to my free time user (the one using right now), but if I try logging in to the work user only the wallpaper and the cursor is showing. Same on a fresh start logging directly into the work user. How come this is only a problem for one user?

I have not yet checked if the DE actually starts after a couple of minutes, but I will try this out after I posted this and come back.

Some Thoughts:

Could it be that this problem has something to do with a multi-monitor setup?
Something about the settings which get persisted?

At work I use both, my external monitor and the laptop screen. At home I only use my external monitor. When I login with my free time user it remembers the settings and automatically turns of the laptop screen and only outputs to the external monitor.
Same at work (when it did work), both screens were just like I arranged them.

Right now when i try to log in to my work user at home, either only with the laptop screen, or with an external monitor the described bug appears. The free time user works just fine.