Comment 6 for bug 1052152

Viale Fabrice (viale-fabrice) wrote :

You are wrong. Opening a folder with documents inside it IS NOT working with file SPATIALLY ORGANIZED ON THE DESKTOP.
Curious folks want to work with numeric files as they work with papers, books, objects... in the real world. You have the right to disagree but don't negate the cognitive organization that some humans build in the real world and also like to use when they work with their computer.
e.g. : I'd like when I am in the creative process of building a lesson to put everything on the desktop. Some files are added, other are updated... And groups are progressively created and specially organized. Of course I latter move everything inside folder and subfolders. But I always use the same process when I update my work : Nautilus is opened to display old files, but new created - added files are included - organized on the desktop (whatever the meanings : at top, finished files, at right current work...). NONE SOFTWARE (zeitgeist included) can know when I decide to stop, update, select, remove, move to folder... or change organization, or create a new spatial category and so on (I even not have to name it!).
Spatial organization have semantic and cognitive meanings... That all. It's not a matter of opinion. It's the reality. But no one will impose to you to build a desktop to the users that like to use this kind of cognitive behaviors.
My personal point of view. It's just wrong to ideologically limit the use of the desktop. Those we do not want to use it, or want to contemplate their desktop like a mirror of their ego can continue to do and let it empty... The reverse is currently impossible. It is a pity.