Comment 6 for bug 1597154

Jason Gerard DeRose (jderose) wrote :

@Xavier: this patched ecryptfs-utils package can only help you correctly create a new setup, wont help when trying to fix existing setups. So it's basically only useful once there's a new 16.04.1 (daily) ISO that incorporates the fix, or likewise for an up-to-date OEM mode install (where this patched ecryptfs-utils package is installed prior to clicking "Prepare for shipping to end user").

To fix an existing setup, you might try this script that I added to the system76-driver:

Download it locally then:

sudo python3 system76-fix-ecryptfs-swap

Fair warning: when needed this script does something fairly invasive, but it likewise went through obsessive enough testing to make me feel comfortable pushing it out to all System76 customers. So in theory everything should be a-okay if you run this script :)