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Julien Plissonneau Duquene (julien-plissonneau-duquene) wrote :

Marking as invalid (won't fix).

First, this is not a problem concerning e2fsprogs. Should have been filed in "ntp", "sysv-rc" or "util-linux". Please also file issues with your local politicians, because actually the best way to fix this would be to stop that twice-a-year-time-change insanity, seriously.

It is not possible to run ntpdate before fsck, because networking can only be enabled after fsck.

I am not redirecting the bug because there is no good way to fix your issue. If you were not running XP you would set your CMOS clock to UTC, problem solved. But if your CMOS is set to local time, including temporary political time shifts, there is no flag in CMOS telling the system that time correction has been applied (or telling in which time zone the CMOS clock is). Maybe hwclock could try to implement some clever, optional and not-enabled-by-default-unless-you-dual-boot-windows heuristics to guess whether the time should be considered summer or winter (and then there is one hour in the year where you just can't know), but it is not worth the extra complexity and problems in my opinion.