Comment 10 for bug 875676

Giana (giana-n) wrote :

Every time I start a backup I get the following error:
Failed to read /home/user/.cache/deja-dup/tmp/duplicity-7EsAky-tempdir/mktemp-hqHmHI-63: (<type 'exceptions.IOError'>, IOError('CRC check failed 0x6ae5ab23 != 0x78b803e5L',), <traceback object at 0x7f4f3cfa06c8>)
Deleting the cace dir does not help.

This issue showed up since some weeks but apparently I didn't change settings.
I'm using Ubuntu 14.10 with kernel 3.16.0-34-generic
deja-dup 32.0-0ubuntu1.1
duplicity 0.6.23-1ubuntu5
Any clue on solving and debugging?