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David Williams (david-williams-5) wrote :

Duplicity version 0.7.17 (and, was in 0.7.16 as well -- probably much earlier too).

This may be a "map page only" issue, but a warning message may not even be needed? Or perhaps improved?

If I specify "--exclude-device-files" first and then specify "--exclude-if-present filename" after that everything runs fine, no warnings.

But, then I read in man pages about "--exclude-if-present filename" :
"This option needs to come before any other include or exclude options."

So, I put that first, followed by "--exclude-device-files" and now get a warning that says
Warning: exclude-device-files is not the first selector.
This may not be what you intended

So, in short, which is it? Must exclude-device-files come first or exclude-if-present?

Perhaps merely the man pages should be updated to be clearer?

But, honestly, the warning message does not help me much in terms of knowing if it is what I intend or not. :) Perhaps the warning should be improved?