Comment 37 for bug 484610

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

The reason I say our votes count as 500 is that we must be motivated to fix the bug. There are generally 3 ways that happens:

1) the bug is a crasher that affects the majority of users
2) the bug affects us devs and annoys us until we fix it (which isnt happening with this bug)
3) the bug affects a large portion of the userbase (I dont see that as the case here)

If it isnt in any of those categories, then we generally fix bugs that we find the most interesting. This might seem odd to a normal user, but it is just how things work. As long as the program is 'working' for the majority of users, we will pick and choose bugs first based on input from the community and then second our own preferences. This is, after all, a hobby project for us devs. :-)

Also while I agree that Docky failing to match (any program) is annoying, it generally does not limit the functionality of the program. You are still able to launch and manage the program -- so it is very low priority.