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Bug #1531704: Core Dump on Fedora 23 with version 0.3.1 Undecided New 255 weeks

From: A
Link: disper.patch

diff -Naur disper/src/xrandr/ disper-new/src/xrandr/

Bug #1029829: export/import config use associated vs. connected displays Undecided New 465 weeks

From: jugglefish
Link: 0001-hotfix-for-ASSOCIATED-vs.-CONNECTED-display-issue.patch


Bug #931474: options --help and --version should not require a backend to be present Undecided New 488 weeks

From: Göktürk Yüksek
Link: disper-0.3.0-handle-help-version-opts-explicitly.patch


Bug #619897: gui for the script Wishlist In Progress 557 weeks

From: Dennis Schwertel
Link: parameter.diff


Bug #602298: Panning support - tiny hack Wishlist Triaged 572 weeks

From: Gabriel Garcia
Link: auto_panning.patch

Auto panning patch^H^H^H^H^Hhack

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