Comment 5 for bug 1223303

from 1268999

I noticed today that after I added a voicemail contact for TMobile and dialed the contact from the contacts app (ie, pressed the phone icon to dial the contact), the dialer opens, but I can't hangup the call. Steps I used to reproduce:

1. open contacts-app
2. select 'Add from the toolbar
3. add VM1 for the first name, add '123' for the Mobile number, press Save (this is TMobile's voicemail). This add the contact to the contact list
4. Select VM1 from the contact list
5. press the phone icon to dial the number
6. the dialer opens. when the voicemail system asks for a password, immediately press the red hangup button.

At this point, the call should end, but it does not. Repeatedly pressing the red hangup button does not work. Closing the dialer and the contacts app does not help. Interestingly, if after the dialer opens, I swipe right to left to get back to the contacts app, and then right to left to get back to the dialer, the dialer is in the call log, not the screen that shows the red hangup button, yet the call is not terminated because I can hear the voicemail system asking me for a password. Also, if I close the call log (presumably closing the dialer), the call does not terminate (perhaps this is by design to not lose the call, however, there is no way to get back to the call).

I feel like there are other times when I've been unable to hangup the dialer, but the only one I could reproduce today is when calling TMobile voicemail.