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Bug #1259766: In the web api resources page the link for categories points to dimensions Undecided New 62 weeks

From: Dan Cocos
Link: DHIS2-Bug1259766.diff


Bug #1244389: Patient Attributes Do Not Appear on Form Undecided Fix Committed 92 weeks

From: Dan Cocos
Link: Bug1244389.patch


Bug #1187931: Manual Person Aggregation Contains Duplicates Undecided New 112 weeks

From: Dan Cocos
Link: 1187931.patch


Bug #1165130: DHIS-2 gives HTTP Status Error 500 when pressing home icon from settings Undecided Fix Committed 120 weeks

From: Ovidiu Rosu
Link: Bug1165130fix.diff

The link which takes you to the home page was fixed.

Bug #654203: Clicking logout after timeout gives exception Undecided Fix Committed 252 weeks

From: Saptarshi
Link: LogoutExceptionPatch.diff

Patch to fix issue

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