Comment 9 for bug 352324

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 9:21 AM, Brajesh <email address hidden> wrote:

> 2.) And why it is showing revision --> 128 in my cygwin console whereas it
> is showing 140 in site's code tab ?
I think this has to do with you not having commit rights, and therefore
checking out a branch, which means you probably have to do "bzr merge"
instead of "bzr update" in order to get the latest fix from Lars (which was
in 139).

A small annoyance about having to do it this way is that bzr then always
reports being at revision 128, ie.e you cannot really see what revision you
have on your machine.
You could check out a complete new branch at revision 140, but that would be
even more annoying. Maybe someone has a better suggestion? In any case, we
should have this (the intricacies of keeping code up to date depending on
how it has been checked out) well documented on the wiki. Is that something
you could do, Brajesh?