Comment 11 for bug 704789

Reproducible, tested using Linux Mint 17 x64 with LibreOffice Version: Build ID: f511a2915ed856f048fd7dd91fd9f7537b1e0479

* Open Calc
* Right click on Cell A1 > Format Cells...
* Tab 'Cell Protection' > uncheck 'Protected' > OK
* Right click on the sheet1 tab > Protect Sheet...
* Enter a password and click OK

* From copy 'Open source, OpenStack software and tools for private and public clouds.'
* In Calc select cell A1 > Ctrl+V to paste

Behavior: try to right click on A1. It only has the context menu of a protected cell. If you unprotect the sheet again, and go again to the 'Cell protection' (steps above) you'll see the 'Protection' is checked again.

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