Comment 87 for bug 349519

Andy Kenney (ajkenney2000) wrote :

I beg to differ with the Launchpad janitor above..... There is still one item in this bug that I can't seem to fix.

I'm using the Intrepid (8.10) version of UNR on my HP Mini 1000. The same problem happened to me as others above. (BTW, thanks to Neil Patel for your hard work in getting a fix out.) Using a combination of procedures above ( and, I got my classic desktop functioning correctly again, complete with panels.

The problem is, when I switch back to the UNR desktop, I still have the upper and lower panels from the classic desktop. Going back through the procedures above, I can't see anywhere where this problem was reported or addressed. Can anyone help me? I'd really like to get the UNR desktop working right again as it's what I use most often.

Thanks in advance!