Comment 45 for bug 349519

Seems to be some inconstancies in behaviour here. I did the same as rationalperseus, with the only difference being I installed desktop-switcher_0.4.4-1ubuntu2_i386.deb from a memory stick I had it saved on, by double clicking in nautilus, and it worked ok for me.

rationalperseus wrote:

I had the same issue, and i think that there is still something wrong :
1. fresh install
2. sudo dpkg -r --force-all desktop-switcher
    rm -rf ~/.config/desktop-switcher
    sudo dpkg -i desktop-switcher_0.4.4-1ubuntu2_i386.deb
3. reboot
4. switch to classic
5. reboot

The panel/windows are OK, but... no Desktop; I mean I can see the wallpaper, but no right click, no folders or icons.

Something is still missing.