Comment 16 for bug 349519

I'm really confused and concerned about this bug. I can't reproduce it with the latest desktop-switcher, and I've been testing for over a week :-/.

Rui, when you say "corrupted", do you mean that the gnome-panel configuration is screwed up?

I think that in addition to removing ~/.config/desktop-switcher, it may be an idea (when you are in "netbook-mode"), to run:

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel

and reboot. This will restore all the panel gconf keys to the default settings, and hopefully fix your issue. If that doesn't work, then try moving .gconf and .gconfd somewhere (make sure you back them up first), and reboot. This means that your system will be have all the default settings, and although it's a pain, at least it will start to work again.