Comment 130 for bug 349519

Elton Woo (elton-woo) wrote :

  Success at last! After Installing desktop-switcher_0.4.6_i386.deb, I rebooted, but still no desktop icons. A cold boot showed no change: I still had the top and bottom launchers, but no objects on the desktop: mounted disks, or the image file that I had copied in the file manager. I had a hairy moment when I went to the Preferences menu and chose to switch modes: I was able to switch to "netbook" , but when I attemped to switch back, the dialog box behaved very strangely:

At each click of the mouse the dialog would minimize to the upper LEFT of the screen, and then jump back. During this time the contents of the dialog were not legible, as part of the screen turned black. After a few tries I was finally able to select "classic" *THEN* find the "OK" button. some more flickering, and then I finally got back my desktop, this time INCLUDING icons of objects on the desktop and the mounted drives.

/REM I wonder if the refresh rate had anything to to with this. BEFORE installing the update, I had changed the display in my Asus EEE 1000 from 1024 x 600, 60 Hz (default) to 65 Hz.

Hopefully the newer package will be added to the updates channel to facilitate newer users.