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Elton Woo (elton-woo) wrote :

@ Tony:
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There is a fix for this (as explaned above! -
 desktop-switcher_0.4.6_i386.deb (38.2 KiB, application/x-debian-package)
  I still have not gotten around to installing it

AFAIK, this problem only happens if you shutdown/restart whilst in "Classic" mode.

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       **I beg to differ**:

First of all, I did the switch to "Classic" *AND* rebooted _without_ switching back.
Since doing so, I have turned off the machine and done a cold boot (a few hours later)

I DO have the default launchers at the top and bottom of the screen. HOWEVER: I do not get any icons on the desktop when I mount my drives (fixed partitions, USB stick(s), SD card, or external DVD/ CD writer.

e.g. I used to have a picture on the desktop. *Now*, if I go to Places => Home => Pictures, I can copy and paste the photo to the "Places" Desktop. The photo / icon shows up in the file browser (desktop) but when I actually go to the desktop itself, the photo icon does not show up!
Synaptic shows that I have this packaged INSTALLED:
desktop-switcher 0.4.4-0ubuntu1 ("latest version" AND "installed version")
also, I have already done a packages update, and desktop-switcher_0.4.6_i386.deb, apparently did not come down with the latest updates.

I guess I'll have to google it, manually install the package / version that you suggest, and report back.

while posting this, I found the package, but GDebi warns me:
"An older version is available in a software channel

Generally you are recommended to install the version from the software channel, since it is usually better supported."
so it's clear that this is not yet on canonical, correct?

proceeding with the install...

!! Thank you for the pointer to the newer package. !!