Comment 128 for bug 349519

Tony (aqk) (aqk) wrote :

There is a fix for this (as explaned above! -
 desktop-switcher_0.4.6_i386.deb (38.2 KiB, application/x-debian-package)
  I still have not gotten around to installing it

AFAIK, this problem only happens if you shutdown/restart whilst in "Classic" mode.

I have a workaround as posted - it has worked on all three of my Ubuntu 9.04 eee netbooks.

 Follow these instructions:

 .Add a 'desktop-switcher" icon. on the "classic" desktop, either with the top and bottom trays, or with just the "blank background" desktop,
  When clicked, it will invoke the desktop-switcher routine.

 Then you can do as follows:
If before re-booting, you have forgotten to switch the desktop from classic back to the "netbook" mode, the screen after rebooting will have no top or bottom trays! as I do:

  1. I click the switch-desktop icon once to switch it from the no-menus "classic" mode that has no top or bottom trays, to the Netbook menu
and then-

  2. Use the switch desktop (I have added it to my favorites) to switch back to "classic" mode.

   Classic is then OK! i.e. it has the top and bottom trays.
  It is annoying, but it works.

  If you switch BACK to Netbook desktop before you do a re-start/shutdown all the above machinations need not be performed.