Comment 116 for bug 349519

Tony (aqk) (aqk) wrote :

 At present (June 23/2009) On a ASUS 9 Netbook, I have my Ubu 9.04 completely up-to-date- all upgrades have been applied.
   If I open it in the "netbook" menu mode, and then switch to "Classic, it is OK.

But If I switch to "classic" and then restart in Classic mode,
   the desktop will come up with no top or bottom menus. But, my changed wallpaper is OK. And desktop icons, including terminal and desktop-switcher that I have added, are available,.

Then, I either do a Ctl-Alt-Del F2, sign in and run a desktop-switcher, -OR-
 -On the desktop, I have conveniently added a 'desktop-switcher" icon.
 - I click the icon once to switch it from a no-menus "classic" to the Netbook menu (ugh!) and then-
 - I Use the switch desktop (I have added it to my favorites) and then switch back to "classic" mode.

   Classic is then OK!

  It is annoying, but it works.
When, WHEN is a fix for this feshlugginer bug gonna be forthcoming??