Comment 28 for bug 954661

Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa) wrote :

Upstream developer Daniel Vetter has developed a more sophisticated backlight patch set which fixes this problem for the Dell XPS 13z. I have updated my DellXPS kernel PPA to include this new patch set since it will likely appear in the mainline kernel soon (the new "kamal1" version of the PPA kernel is queued to build, and will become available within the next day or so):

Note that the new PPA kernel NO LONGER includes the i915.enable_backlight kernel boot parameter -- it is no longer necessary for the Dell XPS 13z. Hopefully it is likewise no longer necessary for other systems which saw improvement with the old kernel...

@Thomas Lärm (rundablage) - Please advise whether the new "kamal1" version PPA kernel still fixes your brightness control on your Panasonic CF-18!

Anyone else with a brightness control problem machine other than Dell XPS 13z - Please advise if the new "kamal1" version PPA kernel makes brightness control better, or worse (reports of "no change" are not needed).