Comment 16 for bug 877631

Michael Terry (mterry) wrote :

OK, I got in touch with Louis.

Reproduction steps:

1) Make sure your LANGUAGE is de, es, fr, id, it, pt_BR, or sl and you have the appropriate language packs installed.
2) Follow the reproduction steps are in comment #11.

Why this bug happens:

In duplicity 0.6.15, a new feature was added to report to frontends (like deja-dup) whether the backup was encrypted. This was used in deja-dup to detect encryption on the fly and thus streamline the UI by dropping a preference checkbox.

To support older versions of duplicity, deja-dup added some detection code that relied on parsing a string intended for the user. Which is not normally a wise thing to do. But in 0.6.14 and before, that string was not marked for translation, so I felt it was safe to parse the string.

Then, it was discovered that a bug existed in 0.6.15's detection feature, and I reverted to the string parsing method of detection for that version. But in the mean time, that string had been marked for translation for 0.6.15's release.

So for those languages that translate that string, deja-dup does not notice the encryption and will continue an encrypted backup as unencrypted, creating this bug.

The fix:

Implement a slightly different string parsing that does not depend on the translation for 0.6.15. I am working on a patch for 22 and will backport that to 20 once it is approved.