Comment 4 for bug 407672

Roy Lowrance (roy-lowrance) wrote :

I'd like at least the option to pin an icon to the top panel. The main reason is that I depend on Deja Dup for my backups and I need to check that they are being done. In the current release, without the pinned icon, I keep a nautilus window open to the backup volume and periodically check that there are files in it with today's or yesterday's date. This is a lot of clutter for a simple verification.

Some other file system utilities pin to the top panel: Dropbox does and on Mac OS X, TimeMachine has an option to do so.

One might argue that showing the Deja Dup icon is necessary under the assumption that the user depends on the backups and should have a way to provide positive assurance that they are being done. If this logic is sound, then the default should be to show the icon and allow the user to dismiss it.