Comment 33 for bug 745608

Ferry Toth (ftoth) wrote :


Currently on my eeepc I see these both problems sporadically, but it is very workable, so I don't dare to complain.
I have had these same corruptions on the eeepc before. It seems to be coming and going with linux releases.

On the desktop with 945G at times ff becomes unreadable, until I press increase font size 2 times (ctrl-+).

Both problems you mention can be observed (exactly as you say, it affects a certain character/font/size combination, and eventually more and more become broken, switching to another size/font temporarily solves the problem), but the font problem is the most common and disturbing.

Note that while some complain about their terminal program, I don't see it in konsole (KDE terminal). This may be due to the font used?

So yes, I see the things you see, right now the 945G is affected most.

I can try tiling=false, and will report back.

But I don't know what else I can do. Any other suggestions?