Comment 110 for bug 1124250

Fine... we then should change the name of this bug to include also the "maxbytes" :-)
of course the point is that there should be no such a barrier on a
production and historical filesystem like NFS, especially in the complete
absense of any error message or indications of any kind on how to solve it
(it can byte you very hard if e.g. there is a "sendmail" running on the
NFS client with the mailboxes exported from a NFS server, like we have)

Did someone have a check to comment #3 above by Luca Giuzzi? It seems very
straight to the point, perhaps pointing to a bug in the keys implementation!

(In reply to Edgar Hoch from comment #30)
> But I tried another thing:
> I have increased the value kernel.keys.root_maxbytes. The default was 20000.
> First I have increased only kernel.keys.root_maxbytes, leaving
> kernel.keys.root_maxkeys at default value (200), but this didn't help.
> Then I have increased kernel.keys.root_maxkeys too (again). Now all uids and
> gids on the nfs filesystems are mapped to the correct username, no
> "4294967294" is displayed anymore.
> It seems this solves the "4294967294" nfs problem for me.
> I did the following on the nfsv4 client (nfs server was unchanged resp. set
> to the same state as before the tests):
> sysctl kernel.keys.root_maxkeys=10000
> sysctl kernel.keys.root_maxbytes=200000
> I don't know how big the values should be, but it seems they are big enought
> for our configuration now.